Pizza Hut Contact Number: 0800 028 7034

To contact the Pizza Hut customer service team in the UK, call their helpline on 0800 028 7034 or their local-rate phone number 0330 123 0790.

Pizza Hut is one of the most recognisable franchises when it comes to pizzas. This is because they have managed to be at the forefront of pizza innovation. Back when crusts were considered dull pieces of extra bread, they gave us ‘the edge’. They were not content with just increasing the pizza surface area, they even found some way to make them delicious separate treats altogether. They were one of the first major pizza outlets that stuffed their crusts with cheese and sausages. Now their stuffed crust pizzas are some of the more unique and more delicious pizzas offered anywhere.

Telephone Numbers for Pizza Hut UK

If you have some general questions about their brand or if you have some comments about the products and services that you’ve received from them, then you can call their customer service team on 0800 028 7034 or 0330 123 0790.

If you’re a member of the press and you would like to write a piece or produce a video segment about Pizza Hut, then call them up directly on their London press office phone number 020 7908 6599.

Email Pizza Hut UK

If you would like to email your enquiries and comment to Pizza Hut, then use the contact form at

If you’re a member of the press the best email address to contact Pizza Hut’s media team directly on is

Social Media for Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut are also available on twitter @PizzaHutUK and @PizzaHutDeliver. Furthermore you can see their posts on their Facebook page by following this link: