Groupon Contact Number: 0203 510 0444

If you are experiencing any issues regarding the service and products that you got from Groupon, then contact their customer service phone helpline 0203 510 0444.

When you have some money on you, you’ll most likely feel as though you can buy everything you see displayed in stores or on websites like Groupon. Going on Groupon is a very addictive experience because of the savings you can get compared with the prices you would get if you purchased the product or service at the prices offered by the original seller. The dangerous thing about these so called savings is that you might not be able to stop at just one and you’ll end up spending more than what you can really afford.

Groupon Telephone Numbers

If you feel the need to contact the Groupon customer care team, then just call them up on the phone from 8am up to 8pm using their contact number 0203 510 0444. You can call this number to resolve any issue that you may experience using their online service.

Alternatively you can phone Groupon by calling their head office contact number 0203 510 2373 to make a formal complaint about a booking voucher which did not scan correctly, to report rude staff at their partner organisations and to complain about mis-sold items. For example if you believe an advertisement posted on their website was misleading you may call this helpline to apply for compensation.

Groupon on Social Media

Social media is everywhere. The use of social media is now being utilised by big businesses to open up communication with their customers – and customers thank them for it as it can often be more convenient than contacting such companies via telephone.

To send your enquiries to Groupon customer services, just tweet them @Groupon_UK. Here you will also be able to follow their announcements, however you can also check out their Facebook timeline at for new voucher releases and gift codes.

Emailing Groupon

You can also send your enquiries via a detailed email if there are numerous details that you want to include, their online address is Furthermore you can also use the online form that is available on their UK website.