E.ON Contact Number: 0345 303 3040

If you have an E.On prepaid meter, then phone their customer service on 0345 303 3040. If you have a credit meter, call them on 0345 303 3020. Those who have Smart meters can call 0345 366 5976.

Energy is something that almost everyone can’t live without. This is because our present day society is practically dependent on energy for entertainment, education, business and virtually everything else. When there is a power outage, we even count the seconds until it comes back.

Today, we are a little more conscientious when it comes to our energy, for example we care if the process of its production is sustainable or not. This is why E.On is hard at work at creating energy through sustainable means.

E.On Phone Numbers

If you have enquiries for E.On about your account or the type of energy you are receiving, then call them up on one of their phone lines. Call 0345 303 3040 for prepayment meter enquiries, 0345 303 3020 for credit meter enquiries or 0345 366 5976 for Smart meter enquiries.

If you have just joined E.On from another supplier, then call 0345 302 3473 for prepayment enquiries or 0333 202 4610 for credit enquiries.

Call 0333 202 4606 if you have complaints about their product or service.

If you are on a textphone, then dial 0800 056 6560 to reach the guys and girls at E.On customer services.

If you wish to receive your bills and other correspondence in Braille, then call 0333 202 4674.

E.On via Social Media

E.On;s customer service team can also be contacted by tweeting @EONhelp.