CSA Contact Number: 0345 300 3900

To contact the Child Support Agency with enquiries about your case or information regarding their local offices, just call them on their enquiries phone line on 0345 713 3133.

Sans any form of birth control or other factors, the union of man and woman will bear fruit in the form of offspring. Sometimes, these parents are in reality not yet ready to be parents or even not as compatible as they think, especially in something as life-changing as rearing a child together.  When this happens, the parents break up and the matter of raising and supporting the child needs to be settled. For many, the mutual hatred and scorn may be set aside for the meantime whenever the child is involved – this is where the CSA, the Child Support Agency, comes in.

This could be during birthdays, celebratory gatherings such as graduations or even during weekend outings together. There are however parents whose hatred for each other are so deeply seated that they will altogether abandon the child just to be rid of the ex. When this happens, there needs to be a middle-man; to broker the successful setting up of a child support plan. This task now falls to the CSA.

Contact CSA via Phone

The Child Support Agency is also currently known as the Child Maintenance Service. If you have a question about providing or getting child support for your child, then just call them on 0345 713 3133 by phone or if you’re using the textphone, then don’t hesitate to dial 0345 713 8924. Please use this helpful list of phone numbers to find contact details of your regional office to help you contact CSA as quickly as possible.

CSA Regional Office Contact Number
East England 0345 609 0092
North-West England 0345 609 0082
Midlands 0345 609 0062
Scotland & North-East England 0345 609 0042
South-East England 0345 609 0052
South-West England 0345 609 0072